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10-07-12, 05:43 AM

Video Demo

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GB-KEY Ver 1.27 is Released

- ALcatel MTK with Android OS

[+] OT-991 Read Unlock codes / Direct Unlock with Cable World First
[+] OT-918 Read Unlock Codes / Direct Unlock With cable World First
[+] Another MTK ... All Others Alcatel with MTK CPU and Android OS are supported, just Do read Info and you get Codes in seconds
No Wrong codes, No PID dependency, No need Wait Updates...
All Existing and Upcoming PIDs are supported...

Need More, Here We Go !!!

-Added GENERIC MTK Android

This Option will permit to Get Unlock Codes from more than 90% of phones
with MTK CPU and Android OS....

This Will help many people to Unlock phones without need to wait Updates or sending Phones to Team to study or reverse....
Why Wait updates, if you already have solution Ready !!!

Just Give it a Try ... you Will Enjoy !!!