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DeNovo 24-05-19 01:32 PM

Important News Regards UMT Activation
As of Today UMT Box & Dongle & Pro will have yearly activation.

As years past away with you being a part of UMT Family and we hope to give you a lot more of updates and development.

The Reason Behind this Yearly Activation:

1. The Cost of development.
2. Cost of running servers
3. Cost of phones this days, as you all know all this phones cost money to buy + shipping ++ customs sometimes.
4. We sell you the cheapest but yet most powerful product in market, and an activation is the way to keep this product alive.

PS. For new bought dongles Activation will be Auto added so all new purchased Dongles will have 1 year activation active.

We hope you understand our frustration to add this activation, and support us to support you in more years to come.

Thank you for understanding.

To Buy Activations:

Ultimate Multi Tool 1 Year Activation

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