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Lights 1 Supported Models And Features Of Gsm magik box

Hello World

Our Software Working With Unlimites Counters, Without Internet

Supported Models:


Chinese MTK Platform phones supported :
- Unlock
- Read Unlock codes
- Format NOR , NAND
- Flash NOR, NAND, FLASH DUAL Phones.
- Repair security
- IMEI Repair
- Supported all MTK CPU 6205-6228


Unlock and Code read:
Vodafone V715
Vodafone V716
Vodafone V720
Vodafone V725
Vodafone V810
Vodafone V830
Chess U120
Playset U121
Plusfon 401i
Plusfon 603i
Huawei U120
Huawei U120e
Huawei U120s
Huawei U121
Huawei U121e
Huawei U121s
Huawei U122
Huawei U122e
Huawei U122s
Huawei U401i
Huawei U1211
Huawei U1211s
Huawei U1211e
Huawei U1220
Huawei U1220s
Huawei U1220e
Huawei U5707
Huawei T7200
Huawei U7310


Unlock code generator via IMEI for:
Huawei E155
Huawei E156
Huawei E156G
Huawei E160
Huawei E160G
Huawei E161
Huawei E166
Huawei E169
Huawei E169G
Huawei E170
Huawei E172
Huawei E176
Huawei E180
Huawei E182E
Huawei E196
Huawei E226
Huawei E270
Huawei E271
Huawei E272
Huawei E510
Huawei E612
Huawei E618
Huawei E620
Huawei E630
Huawei E630+
Huawei E660
Huawei E660A
Huawei E800
Huawei E870
Huawei E880
Huawei EG162
Huawei EG162G
Huawei EG602
Huawei EG602G
Vodafone K2540
Vodafone K3515
Vodafone K3520
Vodafone K3565


Unlock code generator via IMEI for:
Vitel TSM1
Vitel TSM2
Vitel TSM3
Vitel TSM4
Vitel TSM5
Vitel TSM5m


Samsung direct Unlock

Samsung A127,
Samsung B109,
Samsung B100,
Samsung B200,
Samsung B500,
Samsung B108,
Samsung B300,
Samsung C120,
Samsung C140,
Samsung C170,
Samsung C130,
Samsung C200,
Samsung C216,
Samsung C225,
Samsung C230,
Samsung C240,
Samsung C250,
Samsung C260,
Samsung C300,
Samsung C308,
Samsung C400,
Samsung C500,
Samsung C506,
Samsung C520,
Samsung C3050,
Samsung C3010,
Samsung D100,
Samsung D307,
Samsung D347,
Samsung D357,
Samsung D407,
Samsung D410,
Samsung D415,
Samsung D428,
Samsung D520,
Samsung D550,
Samsung D710,
Samsung D720,
Samsung D730,
Samsung D800,
Samsung D830,
Samsung D831,
Samsung D836,
Samsung D840,
Samsung E105,
Samsung E116,
Samsung E210,
Samsung E210,
Samsung E218,
Samsung E300,
Samsung E310,
Samsung E315,
Samsung E316,
Samsung E317,
Samsung E318,
Samsung E320,
Samsung E356,
Samsung E400,
Samsung E418,
Samsung E490,
Samsung E496,
Samsung E530,
Samsung E560,
Samsung E570,
Samsung E620,
Samsung E720,
Samsung E770,
Samsung E790,
Samsung E810,
Samsung E850,
Samsung E840,
Samsung E860,
Samsung E870,
Samsung E880,
Samsung E900,
Samsung E910,
Samsung E950,
Samsung E1410,
Samsung F200,
Samsung F210,
Samsung F300,
Samsung I300,
Samsung I310,
Samsung I320,
Samsung I505,
Samsung I600,
Samsung I607,
Samsung I700,
Samsung J600,
Samsung J600E,
Samsung J610,
Samsung L200,
Samsung L320,
Samsung M300,
Samsung M600,
Samsung P100,
Samsung P207,
Samsung P300,
Samsung P310,
Samsung P400,
Samsung P520,
Samsung P705,
Samsung P710,
Samsung P730,
Samsung P735,
Samsung P777,
Samsung P900,
Samsung S3500,
Samsung T519,
Samsung T609,
Samsung T629,
Samsung T649,
Samsung T719,
Samsung T809,
Samsung U100,
Samsung U200,
Samsung U300,
Samsung U400,
Samsung U600,
Samsung V100,
Samsung V200,
Samsung X120,
Samsung X138,
Samsung X140,
Samsung X150,
Samsung X156,
Samsung X160,
Samsung X200,
Samsung X210,
Samsung X300,
Samsung X400,
Samsung X426,
Samsung X427,
Samsung X430,
Samsung X450,
Samsung X461,
Samsung X466,
Samsung X475,
Samsung X478,
Samsung X480,
Samsung X481,
Samsung X486,
Samsung X500,
Samsung X507,
Samsung X510,
Samsung X520,
Samsung X530,
Samsung X610,
Samsung X630,
Samsung X636,
Samsung X680,
Samsung X680,
Samsung X770,
Samsung X800,
Samsung X810,
Samsung X820,
Samsung X830,
Samsung X820,
Samsung X830,
Samsung X836,
Samsung X900

Samsung 3G direct Unlock


LG3G U250
LG3G U250C
LG3G U970
LG3G U990
LG3G TU720
LG3G TU915
LG3G CU720
LG3G CU915
LG3G CU920
LG3G KU250
LG3G KU370
LG3G KU380
LG3G KU385
LG3G KU970
LG3G KU990
LG3G KU990i
LG3G KE990
LG3G KF310
LG3G KF700
LG3G KT610
LG3G HB600
LG3G HB620
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