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Default How to Flash Dead phones[full tut] with All Tools

[COLOR=Magenta][COLOR=**333333][FONT=Arial][COLOR=Magenta]Retake Your DEAD PHONE

i am modifyng this thread coz i noticed many of the users not able to flash dead fone.

Through this method you can retake your Dead Phone.

Phone May Dead Due to error occur while flashing or Software error occur due to some other cause
[COLOR=Magenta]In any case if your phone Dead, You can retake it

In order to retake your phone

1. Download Phone OS (With contain .mcu, .ppm* .image) by NAVIFIRM OR [URL="http://www.shrak-mobile.com/eng/flash_nokia_bb5.html"]SHRAK-MOBILE[/URL]
2. all nokia flash tools here =[url=http://www.mediafire.com/?mudeyqowwc5r868]NOKIA FLASH TOOLS.rar[/url]

C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products

Create a Folder and Name It Depending Upon your RM Version
E.g.: For 6300 as RM-217

For 5130 as RM-495

Then you can see as

C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-217

Copy you downloaded file (.mcu, .ppm, *.image) to this folder

>now download..the .exe firmware required for dead flashing from

[url=http://allnokia.ru/firmware/] Nokia :: Nokia [/url]
now install this firmware on ur pc..

restart ur pc

run Jaf
Click On BB5>>

Remove tick mark from "normal mode"

Put tick in "Dead USB" *"Manual Flashing"

do not select offline mode..(its shown in the pic but plz dont select any mode)

untick the CRT 308...

NOW Put tick in Use INI
Wait for a while[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Magenta]An additional widow as shown in figure will appear[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Magenta]Select your phone[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Orange]MCU; PPM; CNT buttons in JAF will automatically Glow in Green (i.e., No need to select separately as done in Flashing: if did not glow all (it is due to error), never open separately, it should open automatically)
Put tick in Run INI

Click on FLASH[/COLOR]


Click Yes
Wait for a Minute

A window appear as Shown

[COLOR=Magenta]after that..in the next window..
PUT YOUR one HAND IN POWER BUTTON and other in MOUSE. Click YES. (Within 1 sec i.e., just after click YES)AT THE SAME TIME PRESS YOUR POWER BUTTON FOR more or less 4 sec[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Magenta]Remove your hand from power button

Will show command like this[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Magenta] Wait for 4 to 5 minute[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Orange]When it shows DONE
Change Phone Mode To NORMAL[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]in the above image..its OFFLINE..but ..u should change it to NORMAL..

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Default Re: How to Flash Dead phones[full tut] with All Tools

Very Old News........................................
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Default Re: How to Flash Dead phones[full tut] with All Tools

BOSS Halp Me [email]tamim_mobilenet@yahoo.com[/email]
...................Loader Sent!
Stage 2 starting...............................................................................Loader Sent!
Stage 3 starting..................Phone prepared OK!
Waiting for the phone to boot...
Searching for phone...
Phone failed to boot in flash mode CMT...


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